To burn h.264 to standard dvd to play on bluray

I have an AVOL ABR507 Bluray player. It can play the following formats: MPG4-avc, h.264, vc-1, dts-hd and bd-java. I have quite a bit of video all in different formats. I don’t have a bluray burner so I would need to convert my videos to one of those formats and burn it on a standard dvd to play on my blueray. Which of those formats is best and what is the best burning software to do that with? I just really want to play those videos on my bluray player, not because I am expecting them to look brilliant or anything, just so I can watch them where I have my bluray player. The other DVD player is now in the kids room.

Xvid4PSP, Handbrake etc…

Ok, I already have an h.264 converter, but burning it to a standard dvd is where I have a problem. Does Handbrake burn too? It only look like it was a convertor.

Imgburn would be a good burner to use, and it’s free.