To Burn A Dvd

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I’m a new user & a newbie in the world of Making backup of a DVD (Movie).

I have the following programs:

Clone DVD2
DVD Decrypter
RecordNow Max 4.50
DVD2ONE 1.5.1
DVD Shrink

I hope i’m in business with these…

I’m sure you guys heard this question a million time but I was wondering if you could explain me quickly how to make a backup of a DVD so I can watch it on my Living Room DVD Player ?

I have a JVC XV-S200BK & Pioneer DV-333
I use DVD-R+

Thank You very much for your help

The easyiest to get started with all the above, is just 1 program, DVD Shrink. It can rip the dvd to your HD, compress it with the best quality any of the transcoders can do and burn it also it your installed Nero (it uses Neros burning engine).

Then I would suggest you have a good read in the Tutorial section. Finally, try DVD2One and CloneDVD as well and see which one suits you the best.

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I’m not sure if I understand the tutorials since I never used the programs but, here’s what I’ve done so far. I Started DVD Shrink, did Open Disk, Opened the Main Movie Tab / Highlighted Title 1, Only kept AC3 5.1-ch English & English Subpicture/ Compression came to 65%/ I pressed Analysis/ It’s currently doing that. What would be my next step if I want to burn my DVD on a CDR+ ?

sorry ment DVDR+ njot CDR+

there’s an option to burn the dvd using dvd decrypter or nero after clicking on the “backup!” button. btw, it’s “dvd+r”, not “dvdr+”.

DVD Shrink, Already started the burning process when I inserted a blank DVD. Will that work too ?

i’m not sure i understand what you said.

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Sorry… You say there’s an option in Decrypter or nero to burn it but I use Schrink to decode. What I ment is: Can I but with DVD Schrink or is it better to use Decrtpter or Nero /

Just use shrink to backup the movie to your hard drive. Then use Nero to burn the disc. You will not even need DVD Decrypter.


what i said was that there’s an option in dvd shrink to automatically burn the dvd with dvd decrypter or nero after it’s done backing up the disc. you simply choose what type of output you want.

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Do I need to have anyDVD ON when I use Schrink ?

I don’t know much about AnyDVD but if you have Nero then that and shrink work fine together.

no, you don’t need to have anydvd on.

Cool, Everything worked fine !!
When the copy is done Can I copy the copy or do I have to go thru the whole process again ?

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How can I make more that 1 copy ? Let’s say I want 2 copies.
Or how do I make another copy using the files that are still in my DVD_Video folder (The Output files)

The same exact way you did the first copy.

really ? So there’s no option that asks me how many copies I want to make ? I have to go thru the whole thing again…

I don’t think there is an option. All you have to do is when you are done burning copy 1, put in another blank and hit the burn button again. No big deal really.

you can simply make a copy of your copy with any dvd copying software, like nero, dvd decrypter, etc.