To burn a copy of the godfather pc game



i am trying to burn a copy of the godfather pc game, i have used alcohol 120%, clonedvd but none work,wen i play the burnt disc it says cannot find disc, any ideas cos i goin mad…thanx. :bow:


It needs a patch or crack to work from a back up. Unfortunately we are not allowed to discuss or point you in the direction of the sites that have these things on them as it is against the rules.

By the way a more descriptive title in future will help get replies. “Help” is not exactly a good title here.


its the same problem as i am having any way around this …


See Jay’s reply above. We can’t discuss patches or cracks here. Sorry…


where can we discuss it. its driving me mad…


We can’t tell you where you can discus it as those tend to be the same places to get them and forum rules do not allow it. Just play from the original.


If it’s causing you that much grief to play from a backup, that’s the only way to go. :iagree: