To Big!

The last 2 movies I tried with DVD2One 1.13 and 1.12 came out to big for a DVD…

National Securety - came out at 4.38

A Guy Thing - Came out at 4.51

Anyone have any ideas!

I have never EVER had a problem with DVD2One untill now :confused:


This happens occasionally to me. Just reprocess the DTOX files to a new folder and it will bring it to the right size. I would also recomend that you do not use the DTOX default of 4472 mbs, but instead use 4444 mbs which I now use exclusively and have never had the problem reoccur. Hope this helps.:bigsmile:

What is DTOx???

Originally posted by superjerman
What is DTOx???

It’s Mac shorthand for DVD2oneX