To BenQ or not BenQ


May i just start by saying that this is my first post so no laughing

My head is spinning with with the choice of what DVD-burner to buy

My primary use for the drive will be to back up my dvd film collection

I have read many a good thing about the BenQ DW1620A, but am a bit worried about the " 1 sheep " result in the review on this site as regarding dvd films

I have also considered the NEC 3500A and the Pioneer DVR-108

Any enlightenment on this matter would be most helpful

yours hopefully


The options are :
BENQ 1620
NEC 3520
LG 4163

for dvd backup I would find a dvd with riplock removed.
I think BENQ has this in there FW.
I am positive that unofficial FW for NEC 3520 has it. (unofficial FW voids warranty)
You check about PIONEER in there forum.

I would advice u to get 3520 put BETA 3 FW & buy good quality disks (TY, VERBATIM), then ripping & burning won’t take long.


I would try and get one of the few remaining 3500’s - 'cause they are a very good burner and have alot of support here on the forums-