To all Zep freaks - new Led Zeppelin out!



Joel ( joelmon ), here’s something 4 U, bro !

Have just bought my ‘How The West Was Won’

Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I do ! :smiley:

Live 2-DVD set ( 5,5 hours ! ) has also been released.


This makes me feel like spending money :slight_smile:


will have to relay this message to me girlfriend…the one that can touch lick her elbow…shes a zep fan. i might add that im more of a pink floyd fan. :slight_smile:


Hey thanks for thinking of me BoSkin !

Yes I’ve been enjoying the new cd and dvd immensly !

It’s funny, but it just reinvigorates my appetite for bootlegs. The quality may not match this “King” of recordings but I want more, more, more, more…Sorry to be so greedy…

Some thought this might quell the demand for boots, I think it will stimulate it even more…especially among young folks just getting into Zeppelin with these releases…

Onward through the fog, searching for uncirculated new shows…



Living loveing, shes a woman…

Zep used to one of my favorite groups until the radio stations here ran them into the ground


Originally posted by EFloUVA

i might add that im more of a pink floyd fan. :slight_smile:
I’ve been a Pink Floyd fan for ages,
ever since their release of

I even succeeded in seeing them live in Moscow in 1989.