To all pirats!mp3 players and responsability?

you, YES you, the one who buy 20-30 gig Mp3 player,
don’t tell me you buy LEGAL CD to fill your Mp3 player with thousand l of songs for a value of several thousand $…or legally purchased on line!

I know what you do behind your PC, do your mom and dad know you are a criminal wanted by justice .Remember “if we can not bring you to justice, we will bring justice to you(GW Bush with 4 packs or heineken in the nose)”

what do you claim, guilty or not guilty?.

think twice before buying an Mp3 player because republicans are watching you… :cop:

ok, I am making fun of you, but whats the point to sell 20 gig ipod when downloading is illegal, what is the responsibility of apple and other Mp3 players manufacturers?

My collection of CDs bought over 22 years ripped and encoded to mp3 won’t fit on a 20, 30 or 40 GB iPod - I would need 60 GB and that would be a tight fit.

I’m however not interested in carrying around such a big mp3 player, so I have a 4 GB Creative MuVo2 instead and carry a random selection of songs.

Don’t assume that all people are pirating their songs, just because you can’t see yourself buying all those CDs. :wink:

Many large MP3 players handle video as well and that’s a good reason to have one (e.g. movies you own, home videos or transporting data).

I think my totally legit MP3 collection (spread around several drives) is also way over 20GB…and I haven´t done all my cds either. Bought over 20+ years as well.
Random selection of 4GB on my lil MSI player.
…and about the Republicans…we know they are watching, more and more closely…not just our secret late-night mp3ing sessions…[/INSERT EVIL LAUGHTER] woohoohawhawhaahahha[/FADEOUT]

PS good grief Draggle…you must be nearly as old as me!

Does anyone else remember when CD’s were actually pressed aluminium? And actually were indestructable?

Aren’t they still pressed polycarbonate with an aluminium reflective layer? They have of course never been pressed aluminium. :wink:

CD’s were only indestructible in the advertisements for the brand new digital revolution back in the early 80’s - they have never actually been indestructible.

I got my first CD player in the summer of 1984 and it cost a fortune at 5900 DKK ($980 ~ €790), but it was worth it. First two CDs: [I]A Trick of the Tail[/I] by Genesis and [I]Eye in the Sky[/I] by the Alan Parsons Project at 180 DKK ($30 ~ €24) a piece.

I’m converting my cd’s to mp3, 320 kbps. So far i have 2x Freecom 160 GB external drives and i’ll need 3 about more for the rest. Btw i don’t like iPods :-p

My legit mp3 collection sizes just somewhat over the 20gb barrier. I have friends that have been collecting for 20+ years and they would probably need a 60gb or 80gb mp3 player. Further, there are so many free artists, sites where you can legally purchase music for 10cents a song (sometimes cheaper), I think it is beyond reasonable to claim one’s need for vast storage when it comes to music. This does not necessarily pinpoint pirates owning mp3 players, such a statement is a fallacy.

You need to ask Drage! He would remember when CD’s were first made of stone! When CD’s first came out they did say they were scratch resistant and indestructible, I would like to see one of those because a lot of people soon found out other wise. :slight_smile:

[B]Ha…I remember when cds were black bakelite cylinders![/B] :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe a poll-maker could quiz the freaks as to what their preferences are for mp3 players…curious how many took the iPod route :smiley:

I do not use my mp3 player (Curtis 256MB) for music. I use it for MP3 “Podcasts”. Podcasts are talk programs on MP3. Among the ones I listen to are the C-NET MP3 insider. I use the Juice Podcaster to download the programs and then transfer to my MP3 player. I’ll record Michael Savage and Coast to Coast onto the computer and then sync with my MP3 player and listen whenever I want.

Greetings Sir Morality, good knight from the brave people of Neverland!
The above feature can easily be explained by simple economics.

People who want to make money don’t care about it unless they have to by law! And sometimes shock! they don’t even care if it’s illegal. Where there is demand, there will be supply.

Could you otherwise explain why the following products still exist on this happy carefree day?

  • Cars that can go way faster than the maximum speed limit
  • Tape recorders
  • Guns and other firearms
  • Prostitutes
  • Drugs
  • Will Smith

Because Will Smith needs guns and firearms to protect himself while driving faster than the max speed limit in his car and listening to himself on the tape recorder, with a prostitute by his side who is using drugs to get in the mood?

ROTFL! :flower:

AFAICS this is the plot of all his films.

You hide your age well :bigsmile:…I got mine in 1988 (cost £80, and that was from a friend who was upgrading), and the thing lasted a good 10 years. They don’t make 'em like they used to…:disagree:

My legit CD collection, ripped to a HDD partition, is ~30 GB. :slight_smile:

Don’t we always buy more than we need? Can always use the xtra space for giving a friend a copy of a movie! lol

Never quite understood the need for an Ipod (be it 20GB or 60GB) at all really…when do I wanna take music with me…when I’m on the bus from home to school (about 25 minutes), or in the train to my buddy (1 hour or so) why in heavens name would I need 20GB worth of music for these casual shorts trips. If you ask me many people buy an Ipod for the sake of buying one and because everybody else doe, not because they REALLY need one.

I’m just a kid inside - I have no idea who that 43-year old guy is who’s staring back at me from the mirror every morning, and how he manages to be there exactly when I’m there. :confused:

I got mine in 1988 (cost £80, and that was from a friend who was upgrading), and the thing lasted a good 10 years. They don’t make 'em like they used to…:disagree:
My first CD player was the Philips CD303 (top of the line) and my parents got it when I upgraded it to something newer.

That 23-year old Philips CD303 is still playing today!!! :bow:

These days I play most of my music from the pc hooked up to my Hi-Fi system and from my Creative MuVo2 mp3 player. The CD player is only used for new CDs I haven’t ripped yet and on the rare occasion when I want the best listening experience possible.

I mostly play randomly shuffled tracks on the pc and on the mp3 player, but in such a way that my favourite tracks are played more often than other tracks. Try doing that with a CD player!

Hehehe :bigsmile:

I think my first CD player was made by a company called Teleton - when I went to get it repaired, when the laser finally went wonky, they said the company went out of business in the late 80s, so they couldn’t get parts. I was quite sad, it didn’t have flashy features, but I loved that old thing!

As for me, yeah I just rip any CDs I buy to mp3 and play them on the PC. Handy since I don’t have room for a dedicated stereo system in my living room, with the two desks taking up an entire wall :wink:

Some pervert has replaced your mirror with a window … break the glass & punch him in the nose.

As to the original Question … It doesn’t make sense … the MP3 players are marketted primarily as MP3 players with XX hours of battery life.
They are secondarily marketted as portable storage devices. I commonly make backups of site PC Databases, project files, or sometime entire HD’s … I don’t want to lug a 4KG laptop to make a 5GB backup of a drive.
I have backups of 7 site PC’s so far and I’m lugging around a 2.5" 80GB HD in portable case. There have been several PC’s which weren’t happy about driving the HD via the USB only & it doesn’t play MP3’s.

Oh woe is me!
For an 80GB portable MP3 player!