To all our Italian Forum users

I just finished reading most of your posts using Babelfish (Translation software from Italian to English) and I must say, I’m a little dissapointed by a few of our Italian members. From what I understand you can’t live with our current rules and some members have even opened a new forum abusing the CD Freaks name.

Let me first say that we treasure all our members and we try to be equal to each one of you. The Italian Forum however has always been a special place, mainly because, as you might know, most CD Freaks creators, moderators and administrators are Dutch and don’t understand a word Italian.

Reading the forum, I have however only thing to say: some of you are threathing CD You have to understand that CD Freaks is not a small site made by amateurs, trough the years we have spent a lot of time and efforts to make the site to what it is. We have come from the underground and are trying to work the site up to a respectable knowlegde base with information about CD-R and DVD-R, filesharing and legal news.

The site currently gets about 1.2 million visitors every month and costs a lot of money and time to stay up and alive. Therefor we can not tolerate any illegal activities. You must understand that we, and many other medium/large sites draw a lot of attention, we have had several mails of authorities threathing us with law suits and webhosters have kicked us off our servers.

Currently there are working too many people for the site and we spent too much time and money on the site to risk a shut down by authorities or webhosting company. If we get kicked now, we will probably never be able to get the site up and running again, CD Freaks would be dead.

CD has been more commercial and will certainly fail for an underground site examn, but as time passed by, we have chosen to let CD Freaks survive and show the world that we (CD Freaks visitors) aren’t just dumb leechers, but people with knowlegde and a strong community feeling.

Besides that, who doesn’t know already where to get cracks and related files. There is a well know searchenige (astalavista) and game cracks can be found on gamecopyworld. I guess everyone who would just take a little time to read previous posts would be able to find them.

You can try to setup your own forum, but keep in mind, as it becomes bigger, you will get the same problems as we got, and PLEASE do not use CD Freaks on your forum and/or URL. This gives us a bad name and in the end would even force us to take legal actions.

So do we need censorship ? Unfortunately yes. Some members of the Italian Chat have abused our forum to go to indepth converstations that have hurt others, and therefor we had to decide that policital and religious topics are not allowed in the Italian Chat.

Let me tell you that in the rest of the about 20 other forums you can find here there are no problems at all, you won’t find people complaining or going into fights, nor will you find requests for warez and/or cracks. The forum is now mainly used to ask technical questions and most of them get answered. We have lost some old members and we are really sorry about this, but I’m afraid they were not the real CD Freaks, and now in the end the forum has more members and visitors then ever.

The real CD Freak ISN’T a only self caring pirate.

The real CD Freaks cares about the whole community and wants to help other visitors and conversate about everything related to CD-R. CD-R is NOT warez.

I hope most of you will understand our reasons, and will respect our decisions. Please be fair and think about what you would do when you were in our situation.

Ciao a tutti,


Non so se mi spiego!!!

Non voglio criticare le vostre decisioni ma con queste nuove regole si uccide il forum ed una parte di me…

I am really sorry about this, but believe me, it would be suicide to continue like this. Look at the international forums and see how many people ask questions and conversate without breaking any rules. It IS possible.

Understand that CD Freaks will never be able to win from companies like Sony, Microsoft or Macrovision.

Dear Domin8tor, The man who created the alternative forum is me!
Sorry about the name, it’s only to remember OLD times… If you like it, I can easily change the name, only a few time, the new board is still under construction!
There are many kinds of censure…yours are the worst! What can we tell and what we can’t?
You’re asking us to stop any “illegal” topic. If my mind remembers the right thing, when cdfreaks started, we where able to talk about everything, and you FOR FIRST distributed some of famous MASS CRACKING softwares (like Unsecur*m).
Cdfreaks italia is quite dead… :Z :Z :Z :Z

We only ask you to not post illegal topics, you will find the same rules on every other board. Our past does matter, but is our past. At those times there was no CloneCD to bypass the protections legally to make a backup. Now there is CloneCD and we don’t distribute any illegal files anymore.

Look, we can discuss this a lot, but we have made the rules, and they won’t change. The issue about religion and policits is an other one, and I really can’t give many comments on them for I don’t understand them. I only know it hurted others and we don’t want this.

Use your common sence, and behave like you do in daily life and CD Freaks won’t censor you in anyway.

Things have changed, live with it. Be fair, we have given you a lot of things (services) and we spent a lot of time and effort in this, and we do NOT earn money with it.

DoMiN8ToR the only thing is fuck you!!!

The current rules are shit & they are the opposite of old one!!!


we’ll migrate togheter to another big forum thanks vanadium so we’ll can talk of anithing without your shit ruless!!

fuckkk off i loved cdfreaks italia!!!

excuse me for my bad english…

According to you about everything (your new name, international forum, CloneCD…) but the sentence in which you tell that the things have changed.
Where is written thet we have to change something! Cdfreaks Italia was my first discussing board, and look now what it is…a series of “****” or, now, a series of “you can’t do that”, “you can’t tell this”, and other things like these…
Who wants this (i’m not referring to you, but i’m referring to members)?

Marko…I think that Domin8tor understord even if you haven’t a good english!
Are you sure…? Aren’t you too brutal whith Domin8tor? This isn’t a war…

Originally posted by Marko
[B]DoMiN8ToR the only thing is fuck you!!!

The current rules are shit & they are the opposite of old one!!!



well, Domin8tor,I don’t agree in what Marko says, but I can understand him…I’m sure that ur translator(c*acked?LOL)found a lot of **,I r d e t o, Htp,I mean we r not suckers as some of u dutch can think… wanna close the forum? ok, do it, but I repeat what i told ya in da other fora…all Cdfreaks will be close in a few while 2…wanna bet? Rezpect, LdL

We currently have more active users then we have ever had, we currently have more visitors then we have ever had. This says something.

I think the people that are attacking our new rules are selfish and don’t understand what big amount of time is spent in keeping this site updated and running.

Where is written that things have to change ? Well you just read it right ? You can’t expect us to keep us paying for bandwidht and maintaining the forum, while you tell us what to do…

I think you lost your common sence.

We are here for the Italian people that have questions about CD-R, want to know what burner to pick, who want to talk what they 've seen on the television, to ask advice about what computer to buy etc.

If you read our new rules you will notice they are not strict in any way, they are rules like you will find in daily life. With the large amount of people coming over here, rules are needed, just as you have rules that you can’t kill someone, don’t drive and drink etc in normal life.

About closing the forum: It’s not use who want to close the forum, but we MAY be forced by LAW ! There are authorities watching boards like this, and will you send us the many to hire laywers and win a case against Microsoft, Macrovsion or Sony ?

Will you be the one that pays our bills when we have to go to jail/get fined just because some people here need warez or cracks ?

Originally posted by DoMiN8ToR

…Let me tell you that in the rest of the about 20 other forums you can find here there are no problems at all, you won’t find people complaining or going into fights, nor will you find requests for warez and/or cracks. The forum is now mainly used to ask technical…



Yes and this post was dated 29-10-2001. You will not find recent (2 months or newers) posts with these subjects. You will find a lot of older posts, I know. But we don’t tolerate them anymore.

Consider my previous postings and take your consequences. We would be happy have you stay with us and discuss evertyhing except for the things we don’t allow (that you can find in our rules).

I will now close this thread as it will not end I’m afraid, you made your points, I made ours. Everyone can decide what to do…

I’m really sorry that you might feel left out by us, we hope that some of the Italians however will support us and continue to visit us.

Currently it works this way in ALL our other forums, this decision was made and is supported by our WHOLE team, and it’s the only way CD Freaks can SURVIVE on the long term

Also: Of course we can’t control your PM’s (with illegal contents hint)