To all NEC3500X owners..pls feedback to me on this thread

hi fellow dvd gurus…

need to know…

your NEC3500X burns kprobe is done on which liteon drives and is it bad?..

use this format

Media code use :
Kprobe version :
Burner :
Kprobe :
Result : PIF MAX / Ave / Cnt or better post a kprobe scan

( pls be truthful and post your real liteon drives model and burn quality)

for me
Media code use : TY8X +R OEM ( YUDEN000T02 )
Kprobe version : 2.3.0
Burner : TDK1616DLN / NEC3500A
Kprobe : Liteon 1213

What burn speed? Was that 16X or what?

burn was at 16x…

maybe to update you guys pls refer to this link for the threas

need to know…

your NEC3500X burns kprobe is done on which liteon drives and is it bad?..

Hm… what? So far I can see you are in love with BENQ, thats cool, but I dont understand what you want to tell or ask, lol.

I think he/she is trying to find out the variation between results on different lite-on drives

bingo…cause in sgp…there are a couple of us crazy fellows debating over this…cause from other forumer’s reply , it seems all scanning with liteon1213 have bad burns based on kprobe results while those scanning with 1633 has good burns based on kprobe results…i have in the midst of doing this experiment…

my mini experiment now…

who’s the chick in the pic?

I have a 1213 flashed to 1633, and with good media burnt on a good drive, the Kprobe results from my 1213@1633 look very good. Look over in the Benq forum, in the thread on the new 1620 firmware and quality testing results, I just posted a 3 way comparison, same burnt disc, scanned on Benq 1620 with Nero CDSpeed, scanned on Benq 1620 with DVDInfoPro, scanned on 1213@1633 with Kprobe. Results are very similar, and all 3 scans look good.

eleewhm, we have a sticky thread here with tons of PI/PIF scans of NEC ND-3500A burns. And you can find even more in Liggy’s Beta firmware threads (although a lot of scans there were made to test experimental firmware hacks). Maybe you find what you are looking for there.

Your scans look bad indeed, and they are not typical for this drive. If you check out those threads (and other threads in this forum), you’ll see that a lot of people have much better results with the same media, even better result with cheap media like Prodisc or Ricoh at higher speeds than certified. You could try out different firmware, if that doesn’t improve the burn quality, you may have a faulty drive and should RMA it.

Of course they arent. I really dont know whats the purpose of this thread… to discuss LiteON scanning? Then go to LiteON forum. To make NEC look bad based on one suspicious scan? You are funny. :slight_smile:

i am not trying to make NEC look bad…it is indeed bad for me…
i have to change three drives till i get a good set…and i do not conclude by one or two burns…

take at a look at my summary

went thru three drives…

dr1 : burn ok…but timings…hmmm
dr2 : really bad drive…confirm by independent ( raygay’s ) scan
dr3 : good …at last

burns on dr3 and you know why

I suggest you download KProbe 2.4.2 and rescan your burns. :wink:

AFAI can see those are all acceptable burns. Remember in KProbe 2.3.0 the “standard” limits (PI/PIF´s) are 280/32. :cool:

BTW, NEC drives are also “learning”. Burn at least 5 DVD´s (on same media) before you make a final judgement.

ya…acceptable to me on my dr 3…this is a burn from my drive 2 burn 21

is it acceptable to you?? me this is not a acceptable burn…IMHO…