TNT2 PCI and old Pentium 1 boards

Did or (does) anybody have a PCI TNT1,2 board in a pentium (up to 200, 233Mhz pentium CPU) board? Did or does it work? As I can’t make it work. In bios I have enabled “Assign IRQ to VGA” but system (Win98) keep telling me that “device is not configured properly”. I have tried with latest Det. 56.64 and with Det 30.82 (win98 drivers od course) but in either case system didn’t “activate” the drivers. 3D adapter is recognized by system but works only with generic driver which comes with windows98se. After drivers are installed system have hard times to boot and in some cases even hangs during boot process. I have even reinstalled Win98SE but it didn’t help.

Machine is around 6, 7 years old and consist of P200MMX, 64MB ram, some S3 video based VGA (2D)adapter. (Of course, I threw it out to test the TNT2.)

I have tried TNT2 on my machine (AMD 2100Mhz, NF7-S, 512MB DDR ram, WinXP) and it worked without any problems.

Only possibility is that the motherboard bios does not support that card, see if you can update the bios.

i would of thought if you had a PCI slot it would of been compatible, you dont need special drivers for the non AGP cards do you?

Unless you have a really old board that’s based on the i430FX/VX-chipset you should be fine. Try another PCI slot and see if it works better.