Tnt 2 pro agp card help

hi there everyone.i seem to have a bit of a problem with my graphics the moment im running windows xp (2600) build and the problem is that i cannot get the card to work sees the card but in the system properties it says it has a problem.ive tried installing new drivers from nvidia and even removed the card and installed it again.the motherboard is a pc ddr266 m817,which is running an athlon 1.2 proc.can anyone help me to get the card running.had no problems with it on windows 98se.thank you for your help


You used newest bios?
What does it say in the system properties? Not the correct drivers installed or something like that? Did you use WinXP drivers?
Didn’t XP install correct drivers when you installed XP the first time?

hi there wookie. yes i loaded the newest xp drivers for my card.but the system still says that i have a problem STARTING my card.even when i reformatted the comp and loaded from scratch it still says the same problem…any more help would be appreciated.i havnt loaded in any new bios yet as the comp was running great with windows 98se


Can think of a few things like,

  • an IRQ conflict; different hardware is using the same “adress” on your motherboard. Mostly VGA cards don’t matter if this happens.

  • try the newest bios that’s available for you. It can solve the prob, but I can’t give you my word for it! :stuck_out_tongue: