TmSunrise help needed

I cant do a working mds of my copy…

can someone pls do it for me…I have the english version…


I didn’t even know it was out yet…can you scan the Disc with A-Ray Scanner please?

Also, why can’t you get a good DPM? Have you tried going 1x with High Accuracy?

Scanned by A-Ray Scanner v2.0.2.1:

[19:45:01] — File(s) Scan Finished [0.59s] —
[19:45:30] StarForce detected -> G:\TmSunrise msunrise.dll
[19:45:32] StarForce detected -> G:\TmSunrise\TmSunrise.exe
[19:45:33] — File(s) Scan Finished [6.09s] —

The Starforce drivers used by this new version seem to actively prevent DPM measurements. Try to use a machine on which Starforce drivers have never been installed or try to completely delete them (reboot necessary!) from your machine and .MDS creation should work.

Nice tip 3HAA7J:)

still cant get an exact copy… :frowning:
This is a CD version. I dont know if USB trick works but AFAIK SCCT uses newer starforce version than this.

Pls tell me what settings/procedures to use in Alcohol.

Basically, you only have to follow the instructions given under “How to use RMPS” in the Alcohol 120% online help (except for extracting the subchannel data, which is not necessary for Starforce).
Note that you will have to disable/disconnect all your other IDE ROM devices, enable RMPS emulation in Alcohol or Daemon Tools and use an USB-attached reader for the backup copy to work.

I mean steps on how to make the back-up not how to play the back-up :slight_smile:

Can’t be done at the moment to make a good backup, however you could make an ok image by using StarForce 3 Datatype with High Presicion for DPM reading and at 1x. I suggest you also listen to 3HAA7J’s advice as your copy will no doubt fail when trying to start up.

hi i have the same problem makin a proper DPM with my cd - somebody told me to try it with a totaly starforce free system ( starforce cleaner won’t work - course it leaves the junk in ur IDE drivers i was told ) this means if u make a reformat - or have a pc wich NEVER had any starforce on it try making a dpm with that machine it schould work! - i dont want to reinstall all my software - so il hope somebody else gets to to this - if somebody does plz upload your mds to or in this forum - it would help quite alot people … (i have 3 cats and a sister - i am very concerned about my originals :P)