TMPGencPlus Problem



For some reason, most of the AVI’s I download lately, when I run them in TMPGENC I get NO AUDIO. If I just play the AVI in WinMedPlyr, audio is fine.

Can someone help with this?

I have TMPGenc Plus 2.5.

NOTE: some older AVI’s I have, the audio does show up. But nothing in things I’ve downloaded in the last few weeks.


Use Gspot video utility to determine what type of audio is in the new avi’s. Might compare it to what is in the old ones too.

A lot of newer avi files seem to use vbr mp3 for audio, and it can cause problems. Been a while since I’ve used TMPGenc Plus, so I don’t remember if it is a problem for this program in general.

You could save the audio as wav files using VirtualDub, process the avi to mpeg in TMPGenc using the ES Video only setting, then remux using the mpeg tools in TMPGenc.


VBR, correct!


Can you recommend a better progam I can use to either edit an AVI, select portions to keep and/or delete. Or, a better program to convert AVI to MPG?

I use TMPGenc now to convert to MPG, where I can use Easy MPEG to edit the parts of the video I want.



It is usually better to edit in avi than mpeg. If you don’t like Virtualdub for this, you can try AviDemux.

The newest version of Virtualdub is 1.8 and it supports vbr audio now.


It’s not that I don’t like Virtual Dub, I was unaware of it.

Where can I get Virtual Dub and is it free?

Are they easy to use? I downloaded AVI Tricks which I found for free, but can’t figure out how to select a section of the video and save that separately.


I wouldn’t say Virtualdub is the easiest program to use. Some of their terminology is a little strange to my thinking, but it is free, and there are many guides for using it.


I loaded and use AVI DEMUX. Found it easy to work with.