Please help! I’ve searched but not found a solution for my problem. Hope someone here could help me.

I use VirtualDubMod and VobSub to add subtitle to an avi (Xvid) file and then frame serve into Tmpgenc Plus v2.521 (newest ver.) to create a SVCD. The resulting Mpeg2 file plays fine except for the last 10 or so minutes of the movie the sound just suddenly went dead.

I read somewhere someone said Tmpgenc has a problem with the VBR thing in the movie (which it does says so in mine when I use VDub to open it) and suggested to use the range option in Tmpgenc to encode only up to the next to the last frame (instead of the whole file.) I tried that but still there is no sound. Does anyone knows or have the same problem and found a way to fix this? Btw, I already demuxed the audio and use it to feed into Tmpgenc, at the same time frameserving the video.

Thanks in advance!

I havent done what you are doing but TMPGEnc does not like VBR MP3 streams. I would suggest you convert your demux’ed VBR MP3 to WAV first (use EAC, BeSweet, Goldwave, WinAMP, etc etc to do this) then feed that to TMPGEnc.

Thanks. I will give it a try. Btw, I have another problem I hope you or someone could help.

I have an AVI file that has two sound tracks on it. One is the main and the other is a commentator, I think. I load it into VirtualDubMod and stream list only shows 1 audio track. I load it into Cool Edit Pro and also only see 1 track. I think the commentator track is recorded right on top of the main track. Is there anyway I can separate these two tracks and keep only the main one? Thanks again for your help.

PS. I’ve seen this question asked many times in many forums but none with a reply.

Try older NanDUB, it can normally see 2 audio tracks if 2 are there.

Also have you tried demuxing out the audio track that VDubMod sees. Is it the normal audio or is it the commentry track. l

I did use Nandub to open it, reading somewhere that it has a secondary stream in the audio selection, but again only see 1 stream. Yes, I also demuxed the file, as I normally do before converting with Tmpgenc, and played it and it has both the main and the commentator’s audio in it. I then open this audio only file with Cool Edit, thinking maybe it will shows two streams, as left and right channel. I played around with the left and right volume slider and both audio tracks change at the same time. So somehow it seems that the 2 audio are on top of each other. Anyway, really appreciate your prompt reply. I do get lots of info from this site.