TMPGEnc & XviD Length

I have a new TMPGEnc problem! I have an XviD which is 1hr 18 but TMPGEnc is reporting it as over 3hrs and so it won’t fit on a normal DVD. Is there an error i the XviD or with TMPGEnc? Thanks!

Frameserve it into TMPGEnc using VirtualDubMod or Avisynth.

Hi DiiZzY, splitting the vid and audio with nandub makes the length right (don’t know if it will encode in sync though!). Could you run me through making a frame server? Thanks! - Last post

  1. You don’t need avisynth, instead you need VirtualDubMod.
  2. Exchange step 4-5 by opening your clip in vdubmod and going to File --> Start frameserving.