Tmpgenc with dv?

I get the error “cannot open file - unsupported”
when I try to open an avi file that was saved
using adobe premiere with the mrioDV firewire card.
The codec is identified as “pinnacle systems dv”,
under windows 2000 pro.

Neither TMPGenc nor windows media player
will open the file (or any others captured via
the mrioDV). VirtualDub and Adobe Premiere
both open the file ok and play it back.

Any ideas what I can do to get TMPGenc
(and media player, just for principle)
to open these files?


If it’s a DVD type-1, try creating it as a DV type-2 instead.

You could also try to frameserve it using VirtualDubMod to TMPGEnc.

I don’t have any choice over type-1 or type-2 DV; the pinnacle
card doesn’t offer any choice there.

What is virtualdubmod? I have the version with mpeg2, is that
what you mean?

I am not familiar with the term “framserve” - is that an option
under vdub? If you don’t mind being a bit more specific,
I really would like to be able to feed these dv clips
into tmpgenc without having to re-render before that.

Is there a way to re-associate the current dv codec
(pinnacle DV) with a different codec, say, mainacctor?

Because I took a small part of it and re-rendered it
under vdub to be re-compressed using mainactor,
and tmpgenc accepted that clip Ok. But, when,
I tried to re-render the entire 2-hour clip under
VDUB, it crashed after about 30 minutes worth.



Pinnacle is known for these issues, the AVI is non-compliant, so it has to be converted to some other AVI type before TMPGEnc will use it. Have you looked at capturing with a different program? Some will allow capturing from your card I’m sure. Scenalyzer is one to look at, they have a list of supported hardware. NeroVision can capture also.

Yes, thankyou rdgrimes!

I just captured 100 minutes of video using scenalizer
and my miroDV card, defaulting to TYPE-2, and tmgpenc
accepted this file and is encoding it now. The encoding
rate is very slow, probably will take 300 minutes for
the 100 minute capture. I selected a bitrate or 4.25,
trying to mimic the LITEON 5001’s very good encoding,
which the manual says is 5.1. Can you make any
suggestons about how to speed up tmpgenc’s
encoding? A faster cpu (mine is 1ghz pIII)?

The avi file created by scenalizer still would not play
in windows media player, nor would NeoDVD
accept it, but, tmpgenc did, and so I may still
be confused, but at least here is something that

I might try NeroVision later, but, I find scenalizer’s
user interface to be excellent - noticable better
than adobe premier’s interface (the default for
pinnacle’s miroDV).

Thanks a lot, and please share any nuggets of
wisdom you might have about tmpgenc.


TMPGEnc is VERY slow, and there’s nothing you can do about it. I use CCE-Basic and/or Procoder Express for encoding. Procider Express will run at about 0.5x total for a 2-pass encode, CCE will run at about 0.75x total on the same 2-pass encode. TMPGEnc will be about 0.1-0.2x total for 2-pass (or less, depending on your settings).

The avi file created by scenalizer still would not play

It should, maybe you are missing the codec? It plays DV-1 and DV-2 here. Doesn’t Scenalyzer have playback ability? BTW, Scenalyzer lets you pause a capture without making separate files, which is unique.

Bad news over here.

It took 3 hours to encode, but the resulting mpeg2 file
is all blank. Dark picture through and through. I can’t
figure it, but, I sure wish I could have known it was
doing that before letting it run so long.

What’s more, the avi file has some “missing index frames”,
according to Vdub, and it got hung up trying to recreate
them “using aggresive mode”???

However, I was able to play the avi file with adobe premiere
and I see the scenalizer logo every 10 seconds or so -
I guess I should have known the trial version would
have had some watermark in it. Anyway, I lost that
recording - blast! Even if tmpgence had been able
to make an accurate rendition of the avi file, that
dang watermark makes it un-viewable. I guess I’m
back to good ole’ NeoDVD, which for sure does make good
DVD folders with good quality - just bloated and needing
fixing with both tmpgenc and dvdshrink (time consuming),
and I do see a very few occassional skipped frames.

I am going to look into CCE-Basic and Procoder Express,
to see if either of these programs can work well
with my mroDV card. That has been a sore spot
with this card from the beginning - it will work with
adobe premiere and almost nothing else. But Adobe
Premiere takes so long to render that the PC usually
crashes before it can actually finish anything.

Thanks for your help, anyway,