TMPGENC & Windows Media Player 9

I upgraded to Windows Media Player 9 a few months ago and lost my ability to convert MPEG2 files in TMPGENC. I have updated all my Codecs and played around with the environment settings to try and get this to work. However, it has all been unsuccessful. I can’t uninstall WMP9 (thank you MS). This appeared to be a common problem with users when WMP9 was first launched.

I was hoping that TMPGENC would have issued an upgrade to fix this problem or that some enterprising individual would have found a solution. I have searched the Doom9 forums and not seen anything on this topic. Has anyone out there found a solution??

Help much appreciated.

I have no probs converting MPEG2 streams via TMPGEnc and have WMP 9 installed.

But I use a MPEG2 pluggin for TMPGEnc. Check out the d/l section for the pluggin ( I think its there!).

Hi…I tried to find the MPEG2 plugin for TMPEG but I am not sure what the file is called…thanks for any help

Sorry, its not at doom9 site, it use to be though.

Get the latest from this Japanese site File is m2v_vfp-0.6.21.lzh

Unzip and put the m2v.vfp file into your TMPGEnc folder, thats all.


Tried dropping in the file you suggest and made it highest priority on the environment setting but still I can’t open MPEG2 files.

Just in case. I uninstalled and reinstalled TMPGENC and all Codecs.

Anyone else experiencing this problem?

Demux the MPEG2 mpg files to its video & audio streams, TMPGEnc can do this for you in MPG Tools section. Generally its the Audio files thats TMPGEnc buck at. The plug-in DOES work. If its not for you then the problem lies elsewhere.

Yes, I have the same issue but I have noticed that even tho MP9 will not play the movie, I can burn the movie onto a disk and my dvd player will play it. None of my other applications will open it on the PC either. My other PC has MP7 and will not play video I do on this machine either, However if I encode on the MP7 machine the file will play on that machine. I haven’t tried the plugin yet.