Tmpgenc trouble

Hey guys im new here so be easy on me :stuck_out_tongue:

Weneva i convert a .avi movie to mpeg on TMPGenc the file always fucks up.
I jus converted ‘Haggard’ which took like 2 hours, i playd it an thers no sound on it, an the movie cuts off like 20 mins before the end.
Ne1 else get this? Or is it jus me, do i need to configure ne fing?
Thanks in advance.

TMPGenc cant handle VBR MP3 audio and tends to just give nothing. It also cant handle AC3 audio. Both are very common AVI audio. Read some of the tutorials in the Tutorial section to see how to handle both of these.

If TMPGEnc stops encoding part way through, then I suggest there is a problem your AVI. Check it out with DivFix and DivxRepaire, links to both have been posted here many time so just do a search.