TMPGEnc transcoding 23.976 to

First error I got when trying to edit the .mpa file with TMPGEnc I recieved an error stating I can’t use 23.976 with a standard DVD. So, I tried to transcode it to 29.976 using VirtualDub and BeSweet and the audio was out of sync and it seemed an octave higher in sound. They all had squeeky voices. Is there a way to stretch out this without changing audio quality?

Try this:Audio Decompressor. Decompress the Audio and select the audio source in TMPGEnc as this decompressed PCM file. You’ll probably find this whole site a source of handy knowledge and tools for any .avi jobs.

I’m using TMPGEnc after I encode the avi using DVD2SVCD w/ CCE. I’m kinda new to this and trying to figure how to burn a good quality DVD that’ll play on standard DVD players. So, can I decompress, change the bitrate, and then put it back together to use in DVD2SVCD? or would it be better to use the output of AVI Audio Decompressor AFTER DVD2SVCD encoding?