Tmpgenc Templates

Can anyone tell me help me here.

In the settings --> systems tab there is a setting MPEG1 system automatic, MPEG1 VBR and MPEG1 VCD. can anyone explain the difference. I have created a DVD with 4 VCD’s on it taking the films from DVD in the first place. The newly created DVD works great on a PC but only plays the audio on a DVD player. I suspect its because I used the MPEG1 system automatic setting instead of MPEG1 VCD.

Can someone tell me if I am correct here or what these settings do?


Your issue with no video is because you can’t use an mpeg1 for a DVD disc. you have to use mpeg2. Tmepg should have templates for this option and then they should work just fine. Unless a stanard VCD is what you are trying to make and not an actual DVD, but as far as quality goes I would suguest that you make SVCD’s from your DVD rips. Hope this helps you


I am sorry to have to tell you this but I have created 8 DVD’s in this manor. I have 4 VCD’s on each one and they work perfectly on PC and stand alone DVD players. I have a menu and you select which film to watch. This time I forgot to change the VCD switch in advanced. I have since reburned the DVD and it now works. I was merely asking someone to back my theory of why this one should fail. I was correct and the problem is now resolved.

Ok I was under the assumption that you were making a standard dvd from your dvd back up’s, not VCD’s.

I am. But what I do is take them to VCD format first, then put 4 of them on one DVD. Its a lot of time but it means I can have 4 films on one DVD of pretty good quality and can watch them at my leisure.