TMPGEnc taking forever

I have a movie that I am trying to make a copy.
It is using TMPGEnc to create an mpeg. However it is taking forever to work it magic. It has been running now for over 8 hours and it is only at 28 % of completion. The dvd is fairly new so I wanted to get the backup done before the kids got to it.

We have watched the dvd a few times and it did not seem to have any problem in the stand alone player and I have watched it once on the pc using Media Player Classic Ver and I did in fact have problems watching it. It seem to stall in a number plays and once even shut windows down completely.

So do I have a less the perfect dvd here? Could there be errors on the dvd that the player can over look but the pc dvd player can not?

Any ideas on the subject?

your not on a PII or anything are you? :slight_smile:

No, AMD 1.0Ghhz 512Mb Thunderbird.
I have only done one other movie and that took only 5 hours. From the time I posted the my post only and addition 5% has been done and that was 2 hours ago.

It seems to go in burst, periods of slow encoding the bursts of fast encoding.
Right now I checked it and it pickup encoding speed as I watched it went from doing about 20 blocks every 15 second to 20 blocks every 3 seconds.

This is why I guess the quality of the DVD. Maybe the DVD is not that great??

Just a guess but it could be that it is having a hard time reading the disk. I have not experienced this with tmpgenc but I have noticed with other programs that if the disk is scratched up it can take longer (though it’s never taken quite that long for me).

Well it finally finished total time 17 hour 34 minutes. I sure glad Win98 did crash while it was doing it. I guess so of them are just going to be long.

By the way the disk was not scratched or damaged in any way that I could see. As I stated I wanted to do this while the disk was still in good shape.

1Ghz processor is not very fast, even on my AthlonXP 2000+ (runs at 1.67Ghz) it can take upto 8 hours to convert an avi to mpeg. Though I have never used it to copy a DVD didn’t know it could do that, I’ll have to give it a go later.

if all you want to do is back up a dvd you are going about it the looooooog way. try using dvd decrytptor with dvd shrink – both freeware.

wow, 1Ghz is pretty slow and it’s going to take a while to encode it. I’m still suprise your still on 98.

OMG 1 Ghz…ZZZZzzzzzzz…