Tmpgenc stream error

can anybody tell me why on nearly every movie i encode with tmpgenc i always get a stream error a few minutes from the end of the movie leaving me with a movie without a ending
it never does it at the begining or middle only the end

any advise please

Easiest solution is to make sure your movie has no end, just a start and middle, then all will be well :smiley: :smiley: Sorry, couldnt help myself.

Your not running a FAT32 formated HD are you (Win98 or ME) ? Maybe your hitting the 4 gB limit these drive have for any file.

i’m using windows xp. is that fat32. how can i get round this. i dont get the problem using other software such as clonedvd or dvdxcopy

Win XP normally has NTFS formated HD’s and practically has no size limit for a file (its limit in the Terabytes ). But XP also supporst FAT32 so just right click the hard drive in Explorer and go to Properties, in there it will say NTFS or FAT32.