Tmpgenc - Read errors?

I create mpeg2 files with movie mill and the avc-2000 capture card. I check these mpeg2 files with vdub1.5 (w/mpeg) and
if there are errors, I forget it - occassionally this happens,
but not often. About 1 out of 4 of these mpeg2 files that
show no errors from vdub will fail when tmpgenc authoring
is creating the dvd folder - the message is “read error”.

it just happened again - 1) Vdub reads the entire 3 gig file
with no problem. Powerdvd plays it with no problem.

I am using Neodvd to convert it to a dvd folder and it is
doing that as I write - no problems. The frist thing Neodvd
does is check the mpeg2 file for standards compliance,
and then it goes ahead and decodes, then re-encodes
(but I want to avoid the way NeoDVD encodes).

Has anyone else ever had tmpgenc auth just quit
with the read eror message? I can run it against
several other mpeg2 files I have on the same disk
and it works great.

When tmpgenc auth works, it is great. When it fails
and I haven’t a clue, it very frustrating.

Any ideas?


Neodvd is checking your file and sees that its not dvd compliant, so re-encodes it to dvd compliance. TMPGEnc DVD Author, also checks the files, sees its not compliant and spits the dummy ! Its an authoring program ONLY, not an authoring/encoding program… I suggest you have a good look at your capturing settings when your making the original file.

This is what I just can’t grasp. Yesterday I captured 7 movies,
each about 90 - 100 minutes long. I used movie mill with
the avc-2000 mpeg2 capture card. As soon as one finished,
I just stopped and re-started (two button clicks), changing
nothing. After all capturing, I started tmpgenc and converted
each mpeg2 movie into a dvd folder, and the first 5 went
without a hitch. The 6th and the 7th were both ended
immediately by tmpgenc with that error message. All
7 mpeg2 files are accepted by Vdub w/no errors reported.
I sat and watched the last two mpeg2 clips with powerDVD
and they played all the way through with no indication
that anything was wrong (sound and video in sync
the whole way). What I need is to be given some clue
as to what is wrong with these last two files, since
I have no idea what to change for the capture -
especially since tmpgenc processed the first five
flawlessly. I tried a couple of things, I moved
the “bad” clips to another disk - same error.
I copied the mpeg2 files to a dvd and played them
on a different dvd player - no problem.

Is there some mpeg2 file analysis tool that can
give out the details as to what is wrong with a
file that tempgenc won’t accept? It is not having
any idea wha the problem is that leaves me stumped.



I managed to get past the connections menu in dvdlabs,
and I imported of the bad clips to it and it ran for about
18 minutes and gave me the following error:

“the size of the run-length is over 1440 bits”

Do you (anybody?) know what that means?

Why would this clip (out of 7, or many more on
other days) have this problem when the others
did just fine - same capture method, disk, and
video source. A mystery.

Still, dvdlabs offers you an “alternate” process which
has “relaxed” compliancy criteria, and I used that process
to create the DVD folder, and it took 52 minutes and
the video looks ok, BUT - there is no sound. ???

I just don’t get what is going on here. I read that Walmart
has a real cheap DVD player (Norcent’s dps 300) that will
play raw mpeg2 files on a data disc - I think I am going
to try one out and that will solve the whole authoring
hurdle - just burn the raw mpeg and be done with it.


Sorry, I have no idea about that error, never seen it. But seams like maybe the video or audio is going above max bitrate momentarily causing it to bomb out. Try capturing the same at a slightly lower bitrate, that may help. If you have access to DVDMaestro for authoring, it can give more meaningful errors (if they occur) as well.

A raw mpeg2 player sounds like a good solution also, its the “I’ve given up” solution though :bigsmile:


You were right about the files being the problem - I am
using a large HDD connnected to a PCI IDE controller
(Hightpoint’s Rocket 133S), and I failed to install the
latest driver, which caused intermittent errors that
resulted in some mpeg’s having slight errors.
The latest driver cleared that up, so, now, even
long captures are compliant.

Mystery solved.