TMPGENC Question - Can it do this?

I am considering buying TMPGENC 4.0. I am wondering if it can do the following.

I have a bunch of small VOB files (that I got from using DVD Decryptor by decrypting IFO chapter files).

I want to take a bunch of these VOB files… and burn them to a DVD-VIDEO. I need each VOB file to be separated by a chapter. I do not want a DVD menu.

Can this software do this? I am currently using Nero Vision to do this… but I don’t like Nero’s output (a little choppy).


tmpg dvd author can…i use tsunami and it works fantastic…tmpgenc encodes avi’s/mpg’s etc…but you picked a good software co. though…cant go wrong w/ tmpg

All you need is an authoring tool, any one will do. If it won’t import VOB files, just re-name them to .mpg.

I’d use TMPGEnc-Author 1.6. If you also want a robust editing tool, then Ulead VideoStudio-10+ is a winner. But TMPGEnc-Author will do simple multi-cut editing too.

See… the key here is making it SIMPLE. All i want is to take VOB files and put them onto a DVD. I am really trying to avoid the whole “DVD authoring” thing because its way more than what I need it to do.

I thought TMPGENC could output to DVD format?

SIMPLE will not work.

it converts it into a viable"mpeg2" file…then you run it through an dvd author to get '“vob” files…authoring tool is necessary…that’s why so many use NVE…it’s basic and simple

Suggest you take another look at the available TMPGEnc products, HERE

What you want is TMPGEnc-Author. It’s about as simple as they come. You just add as many tracks as you want, then create a DVD with no menu. You can further add chapters to each track if you wish, but the tracks will also function as chapters.

I personally prefer Author v1.6, which they have stopped selling, but you may find it somewhere. v2.0 is also fine for most purposes.

Ok thanks everyone… ill try it out

I agree with almost everything CDAN about TMPG author, very simple and actually a lot faster than a lot of other programs. But I would like to suggest to you that you take the small extra step and create a menu especially if you are talking about inputting a lot of different files on 1 DVD. Otherwise getting to each file is not going to be quick or easy.


It’s also kind of fun to create custom menus with your own graphics. :wink:

You can even easily mix up 4:3 and 16:9 recordings with different DVD native resolutions when you use chapters.

Well I just tried this software. I was able to add my tracks and it chaptered them automatically for me. Nice.

It just finished my first DVD. 1hr 21 minutes long. It only took about 15 minutes to author AND burn the entire DVD! This same process in Nero Vision would take well over an hour!

Whats the catch with this? Only 15 minutes? I will have to wait till tomorrow night when I plug the DVD in and watch it on the club’s plasma to check for quality.

Oh… and I prefer no menus because I work with music videos and I need to be able to skip through chapters using the controls on the DVD player itself (similar to what you do on a CD). I prefer no menu for this as most DVDs are no more than 20 chapters long.

TMPGEnc does not re-code DVD-video complaint stuff, Recode does. That’s the difference in times. You may even see better quality on the TMPGEnc discs.

As for using no menus, it will work the same with or without menus. You can still skip through the programs with the chapter button. You may need to make a few settings though to allow that. Mine all have menus and I can do this with them.

i’ve talked to a nero guy in the past and one of their biggest complaints was that when u use NVE to do an already mpeg2 compliant file…it would redo(recode) it again and it would take a long time…i.e…a waaay unecessary step…that’s why tmpg is great…15 minutes…:slight_smile: