TMPGEnc problem

ok, so i wanted to convert some of my .AVI files into dvds, using that program, when at the second screen where it tells me to add a video i tried to add a movie (blahblah.AVI) now whats strange it that some of the avi files work and some doesn’t work! whats the problem here?? all the files are same formats, but why dont some of the avi files work???

Wrong forum, but anyway…
TMPG can´t handle VBR Audio files (MP3), many avis are encoded with VBR settings today cause the quality is a bit better than with constant bitrate. You first need to convert the audio to constant BR with Virtual Dub in order to make TMPG able to convert the video. Another reason could be that you don´t have an necessary codec installed (Like XVID).

Check out the Tutorial section, there are troubleshooting sections that can help you.

try to use software to fix .avi before converting them, could be download err in them.