TMPGEnc Plus 2.58

Hello all,

I’ve been following Chickenman’s tutorial for converting DivX etc to VCD … much of the software needed is listed and, after a bit of searching (some links seem to be out of date or the software itself has been updated), I’ve got everything i need except for TMPGEnc Plus 2.58. I just can’t get it anywhere, even the official site. There seems to be lots of other earlier versions available but not 2.58.

Is it worth going on Kazaa or iMesh for this?

I also noticed that another post was here along the same lines and the reply was a link to follow for the download, with the comment that Winace would be needed. I have Winace but followed the link and there was just lots of random code. Maybe I’m missing something … am I? Is there something in particular that i have to do?

Has anyone got a clue where i can get this from?


i think any tmpg enc will do…

is that right?

well … i suppose i have nothing to lose really

Originally posted by gingermark

Has anyone got a clue where i can get this from?

Voila ! [COLOR=blue] TMPGEnc

Mind you ! Many are mistaken about it :

This version is obsolete - TMPGEnc Plus Version 2.58 ( September 03 2002

The current one is TMPGEnc Plus 2.521 (2.521.58.169) September 26 2003

Simply compare the Core versions ![/COLOR]

Thanks for that mate - it seems to have done the job and I’ve been succesful. Great stuff - cheers for the advice!

Originally posted by gingermark

Thanks for that mate. Great stuff - cheers for the advice!
Thanks and you’re welcome ! :wink: