TMPGEnc Plus 2.5



Hey all.
A quick intro:

I’m no novice, and have an extensive knowledge of PC’s and software.
I’m running Win XP Pro on a 1.6ghz AMD Athlon XP Processor with 1gig RAM.
I have 250 gig hard dive space (in 5 partitions).

Now, I need some help!
I’ve been using TMPGEnc Plus Version 2.5 for a couple of years now with excellent results (I create and burn VCD’s for personal use).
However, recently I had a rather vicious virus attack which meant I had to take the last resort - format and reload Windows.
Obviously I did all of the updates (including, should the info be necessary, .net framework 3). I’ve also installed all the relevant codecs (Klite Mega Codec Pack, DivX etc).
I’m on the latest DirectX release too.
However, since reloading Windows and TMPGEnc Plus 2.5 I’ve found that it freezes almost immediatley when I start to encode.
I’ve tried uninstalling TMPGEnc and reinstalling it, with no effect.
In fact, having become rather disillusioned with it, I tried a complete removal, including removing all entries of TMPGEnc and Pegasys from the hard drive and the registry.
Then, on attemting to reinstall, I get the following error:

 Error:- 1610 The configuration data for this product is incorrrect.
Contact your support personnel

How can this be when there is no reference whatsoever of TMPGEnc or Pegasys on my PC!!

Finally, I tried redownloading the software.
When I tried to install that copy I got these errors:

Error 1714. The older version of TMPGEnc 2.5 cannot be removed.
Contact your technical support group

immediately followed by

Error:-1603 Fatal error during installation.
Consult Windows Installer Help (Msi.chm) or MSDN for more information.

How can this be when there is no reference whatsoever of TMPGEnc or Pegasys on my PC!!

I really want to get this software working again so I’d really appreciate your help guys and girls!
I’ve been reduced to using WinAvi to convert with far less impressive results!!
Please, please get back to me! email me if necessary!!

Cheers for now!



[B]How can this be when there is no reference whatsoever of TMPGEnc or Pegasys on my PC!![/B]

Cheers for now![/QUOTE]

There is, without doubt.
So contact the software producer.


Re-Format or install to partition not containing the windows installation ? Just a suggestion dont know if it will help or even work but worth a go ? Or try Mainconcept Mpeg Encoder ? As ive just said in another post i find it a lot faster and the configuration for vcd or mpeg1 is preloaded or customizable ! I havent used TmegEnc for years now toooooo slooooow for me ! Mainconcept encodedes in under real-time and depending on processor and memory even faster !