TMPGEnc merging probs

total newbie so please bear with me. Downloaded a divx movie, 2 cd’s. Translated them to MPEG using TMPGEnc. Ended up with two files far to big for two cd’s. Thought to merge the two in TMPGEnc and then cut them into three equal parts. How do I do that? To make a long story short, I tried to load both files in merge and cut, told it to make a vcd pal file, gave it a new name, clicked on run and ended up with a file that’s neither meat nor fish and that cannot be read by any program on my computer. Any help, tips moral support greatly appreciated!

It would have been better to join the AVI’s together first, then convert that file. But thats to late now!

In TMPGEnc, load the 1st mpg file into Merg&Cut. Double click the it and then in the new window, slide the slider to about 2/3 the length of the file and click the } to mark end. Then ok back to front window, set to Video_CD, give an output name (ie DISK1.mpg) and hit RUN. When done, now load in the original 2nd mpg file and double click the 1st one again. Where the pointer is (end of disk 1), well we now want it as start of disk 2 so without moving it, hit the { key, then slide to end of the file and hit } (so we have now marked out the last 1/3 of the file) OK to main window. Now double click the 2nd mpg file and move pointer to about 1/3 the length of the file and press } to mark end. OK back, give a new output name (ie Disk2.mpg) and hit Run. You now should know how/what to do for the 3 rd disk.

Wow, that worked. Magic, pure magic! Thanx for the clear explanation. Things can be so simple with a bit of good old guidance! Could you please also explain to me how I would go about merging the two AVI’s as you suggested from the start?

To merge the 2 AVI together, run VirtualDUB (or NanDUB) and load in 1st AVI. Then in File, select Append AVI Segment… and load in 2nd AVI. Ignore any audio related errors you may get. Set both Video and Audio to Direct Stream Copy then in File, hit Save AVI. In a few min you will have a new large AVI made from both avi’s.

Sounds good. Thanks. Hope you’ll be stand-by when I put it to the test;)