TMPGEnc issues from Newbie

When trying to convert an Avi to Mpeg 2, I get an error in TMPGEnc saying the Video is can not open or is unsupported.
The output file name and audio do fine. Do I have to download a special codex, and if so, where can I get it and how do I configure it? I have searched this site but am very confused. Please help!

You need a codec, but which one I din’t know. If you tell me what type of file it is ie DivX etc

the .avi is probably a divx or xvid, so u’ll need one of those codecs. u can check out Doom9’s website and go to the downloads section for many codecs.

The Avi file plays fine with Divx 2.1. But will not play in WinDvd or Windows Media Player. Does this tell you more that can be of help to me?

Do this

Try first to change the directshow codec reader priority settings in TMPGEnc under Option->Environmental settings->VFAPI plug-in and right click on the DirectShow Multimedia File Reader and increase the priority to 1 or 2 or to the top of plugin-list and try open the video.

That worked for me

Been there, done that, didn’t work. Must I have dvdtosvcd progarm to do this or can I get a codex and still use TMPGEnc? I prefer it.

Download gspot, load your avi file to see what codec is used, and then dl and install the corresponding codec. TMPGEnc should have no prob once you have it installed.

I downloaded Gspotv2.1 and ran it. On the right side it said,
“S-Mpeg 4 version 3” is the codec and the status said, “Codec IS installed (details)” I clicked this tab and it said, “No Details Available.” Directly below was the Audio format. It said that that codec is installed as well. But when I clicked, "“Codec IS installed (details)” there it showed details!

I don’t know if this is significant or not.

You might not have the right decompressor. Try ffdshow and see if that can fix the problem. I have a file with exactly the same codec, and when I load gspot and click on the codec details, this info pops up:

I even tried to convert it to SVCD (mpeg2) using TMPGEnc (Plus version), and had no problem.

SUCCESS! IT WORKS! You guys are great! I really appreciate all your help. (But don’t go away, I will probably need you again):wink: