TMPGenc help!



could someone please help me?
I am trying to encode my movies using TMPGenc and it comes up
“avi can not open, or unsupported” what does this mean and how can I solve this problem?
I have never had this problem before with TMPGenc? :a


you need virtual dub to convert

it might not be in the correct stream for TMPGenc


It may well mean that the priority of vfapi plugins needs changing. Try making the Direct Show one as the highest priority.


Or maybe, if the error goes on again after that correction, you just need the proper codec to DECode it (DivX and Xvid are the most common; FFDShow as well is a good general decompressor and decompresses the 2 formats, as well).


Hi Stretch2308,

Go to the Settings and select the Tab Vfapi Plugins Environment and Right-cLick and select Recommended Settings( this should work if you have the Vfapi plugins for avi installed). If this does not work(assuming you have Vfapiplugin for avi’s installed) then the codec for that particular avi format does not exist on your m/c(google for it and DL it after checking the codec format with a freeware tool called Avicodec)

Hope this helps.