TMPGEnc Express 4 question

Is it possible to add borders in tmpgenc express 4? May seem a dumb question, but I have looked & looked and cannot find a filter to add borders.

Many thanks.

If you mean “borders” as black bar, than no.
You can cut frame by certain amount to fit the screen, sides, top and bottom so picture will not be distorted.
The filter for that is in additional filters, do not know the name, do not have it on this machine, and load it into your working window.

In the Filters section you can choose “Picture Crop” and select the size (in pixels?) and the colour of the border you wish. However this does crop the image not resize it.
Choose instead “Picture resize” and select the “Cente (custom size)” and enter the parameters you wish. This will resize the image and , if required, preserve the aspect ratio but there is no control over any border colour.