TMPGEnc error

I am converting a downloaded movie from PAL to NTSC. I extracted the audio and loaded the avi into tmpge (ES video only) and loaded the NTSC template for DVD. At about 45% completion I get an error "index of scan lines is out of range (224) ". I did this twice and each time the same thing happens. I ran the avi thru Divfix 2x to make sure I got all the errors and there was only 1 error at the 6 minute mark each time. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. :confused:

A sure sign there is a problem with your AVI. DivFix does NOT fix all problems. Have you tried DivXRepair as well (also does not fix 100% of problems).

I think that you are right that the avi is bad. Tried encoding in DVD2SVCD and same thing. Checksum error at about 45% completion. Guess i will try a different download. Thank you :sad: