Tmpgenc Error

I got the following error when encoding Formula 51:Index of Scan line is out of range(240) Can anyone tell me what this means,and more important,how it can be rectified…Thanks to all who reply.

What are you encoding? (AVI / DivX / DVD ) and what to ? (VCD/SVCD/DVD or DivX)

What procedure/tutorial are you using?

Ther can be 100 of reasons for TMPGEnc errors, just a bit more info on what YOUR doing can help solve the TMPGEnc problem.

Well,’s a Divx AVI to DVD,and to be very honest,I’m not sure what settings I should use to get the desired results. After TMPGEnc,I put it thru ArcSoft ShowBiz for ‘rendering’…

Sounds tile wrong settings your using then. Then have a read of this Tut, it has everything you need to make perfect AVI/DivX to DVD. Have done it many times already with 100% sucess rate so far.

CCE is better suited for DVD mpeh2 streams than TMPGenc and substantially faster as well.