TMPGenc error message ... Help please!



Hi …

I am trying to make up a live music compilation. All the files I am using are .mpgs, but some are PAL and some are NTSC. Will that make any difference when burning them with Nero?

Also, using TMPGenc, almost all of them are ok, apart from a couple that comes up with error message on trying to open the file “could not open or unsupported”. I checked using AVIcodec which says “V Codec name = MPEG2 (SVCD/DVD) … A1 Codec name = MPEG-1 Audio layer 2 (0xc0)” …

It’s weird because Windows Media Player / DivX Player plays the files no problem … just hiccups when I want to put it into TMPGenc to encode it …

Any ideas at all are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance