TMPGEnc error, how to ID soundtrack?

i read Chikenman’s tutorial on “How to convert a DivX/AVI/ASF/MPEG1 to VCD”… encountered problems early on.

  1. i extratced TMPGEnc Plus 2.58 to a folder, and able to run the first time. i loaded a Video file, but Audio file was empty. not sure wat i clicked next but moment later it showed error. juz a tiny box with the word Error and if u click OK, the box won’t go away. Ctrl-Alt-Del cant endtask the “error” either. i run TMPGenc again and got this message “Read error occured at address BFF7A125 of Module ‘KERNEL32.DLL’ with 0078FFD0”.

now i always get this error message wenever i run tmpgenc, even after reboot.

  1. if after choosing a Video file, tutorial said Audio source will automatically be filled with same file name and a suggested output filename. Wat if it doesn’t, wat does it mean? Does it mean the avi file has a VBR MP3 or AC3 soundtrack? if so, how so i identify whether it’s VBR MP3 or AC3?

i then tried VirtualDUB. the output file is named .MP3 automatically can i then assume it’s a VBR MP3 file?

  1. anyway… i assumes it’s VBR MP3 so i proceed to next step: using WinAmp to convert to WAV. tutorial is silent on the WinAmp version… i’m using WinAmp3 and i can’t find the Plug-ins Output function.

in summary:

  1. how do i solve problem #1?
  2. how do i identify soundtrak? is it auto?
  3. which version of WinAmp to use? can version 3 work?

any contributions appreciated.

  1. TMPGEnc is not at error, its the AVI your trying to feed it thats the problem.

  2. Use GSPOT to determine the Audio (and Video) codecs used in the AVI. Do a search here for its URL, its been posted 100’s of times.

  3. Winamp 2.x works fine. There is a Pluggin that can be downloaded from Winamp homepage for Winamp 3 to give that feature.

thx CM!

if it’s the avi file having problems dat resulted in error, shdn’t tmpgenc load after it’s been shutdown or comp rebooted? my problem #1 in earlier thread is i cant even start tmpgenc… anyway i’ve reinstalled tmpgenc and it can start now.

i’ve read your tutorial on “How to backup your DVD to VCD”, here’s a qn:

in the “…DVD to VCD” tutorial TMPGEnc Pro 2.59 is recommended. in the “…DivX/AVI/ASF/MPEG1 to VCD” tutorial ver2.58 is recommended.

i now have 2.58, will it work for “…DVD to VCD”?

if it doesnt, and i have to use 2.59 for DVD to VCD, will 2.59 work for “…DivX/AVI/ASF/MPEG1 to VCD”? or do i need to keep both versions?

and oh the official dont have either versions. guess i gotta try searching for it.

thx again!

One tutorial is just a little more updated than the other. You can use either version of TMPGenc or even the latest ver 2.520. The Tutes do say TMPGEnc 2.5x or later.