TMPGEnc encoded file-How to BURN> to DVD

I have created a file but on my PC it says it is .mpg but I used vidoe steream MPEG2 - It will not play on my PC as I do not have the right software for that?? but I really want to play on a home DVD player. I have a DVD -R burner BUT how to burn it??


You need “authoring software”. Some burning software will have authoring software built in, such as Nero. TMPGnc also has an authoring program, and I know I have used it in the past, and it works nice and quick. A bit more info on the software you have on your pc might help with an answer as well.

I have DVD Shrink which is a authoring and burning program I think BUT it will not see the mpg file that was created in TMPEnc even though I thought it encoded it to a MPEG2 file?

I have Cyberlink Power DVD that came with the Pioneer DVD Burner but it seesm to be a player only.

What else can I tell you??

How do I get the DVD made after the encoding that I have done?


DVD Shrink is primarily a compression program for reducing the size of 8.5 GB double-layer DVDs down to 4.7 GB. It’s not strictly-speaking an authoring program and its burning facilities take advantage of other installed programs such as DVD Decrypter. You can’t open an MPEG2 (.mpg) file with it.

Power DVD is a player only, as you say.

Ulead DVD Movie Factory is a cheap and cheerful authoring program, or you could try the authoring version of TMPGEnc which many others would advise. If you want to go the freeware route, don’t mind not having fancy menus and have some good PC skills, then you can demultiplex the MPEG2 file to m2v (video) and mp2 (audio) streams and use IFOedit to author a DVD-Video.

What is the make and model number of your home DVD player? Some of these will play bare MPEG2 files without authoring (if they’re less than 2 GB).

Thanks for your reply. I have a Panasonic DMR ES10 DVD Recorder for the home DVD system.

I will have a look at the U Lead.

I find it al very complicated and would love t be able to produce in a one package the whole thing form capture to convert, basic editing and then burn.

You guys must produce some great stuff!!


Dream on…