TMPGEnc dvdauthor mpgs audio problem

i have an mpeg file ,if i watch it on any number of programmes it plays perfectly well and in sync,however ever time i use TMPGEnc DVD author to make a dvd of this file the audio goes out of synch around 9 mins into the file.
I had made hundreds of DVDs this way and never encountered this problem before…
Any suggestions would be most welcomed

What happens with the mpg file if you play that, prior to authoring?

plays perfectly fine in media player,power dvd etc…the audio problem comes after encoding to DVD file

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winx dvd author no problem!
are you try?

What is the real source of this file?

This could explain a lot…

I haven’t seen any problem here. On the contrary, if some files don’t play in Nero ShowTime, they will still be fine in DVDA2 and on the resulting disc.

Get yourself a copy of either Mpeg-2 Inspector (shareware) or Mpeg Validator (old, but freeware) and make sure the inner structure is correct.

hi i ran the mpeg thru Pvstrumento…its all taken care of now (it was an episode of Alias)

Let me guess: A huge amount of dropped frames?

No surprise…