TMPGEnc DVD Authoring Help

Alright, everything is pretty easy to create. I have the mpg files, I can upload, make the menu’s, and burn it all very easily, but there is something that I didn’t like. Apparently the size of the video is a little big for the TV. See, I put in my DVD player and played the burned DVD, but as it played (and it worked) it stretched out of screen. This is a problem because what I burned has subtitles and you can barely read them. So, pretty much what I’m asking is how do I fit it into my screen. Like how would I change the ratio size of the file?

If i remember correctly…1st…make sure you know what your aspect ratio is of the mpg you have…2nd…when you start up tmpgenc…there should be a startup wizard…like the one below…

make sure you choose which aspect ratio you want from the startup wizard…if you don’t…the 4:3 will look “squashed” if converted to 16:9…and vice versa.Go here for a list of tutorials on anything else you might wanna know about TmpgEnc

Oh god, reading the software FAQ should be the first task, I think.

i think visuals or a guide someone’s wrote works better…reading the faq sometimes is like when your 60 years old and trying to figure out a dvd player by reading the instructions…impossible…

I got the program from a friend so I didn’t have a FAQ XD, but thanks Nosmartz for the easy answer. This should make it better to work with now, it’s all I needed.

Exclude that last message, lol, everything is definitely not alright. Ok, Now I’m even more confused at the moment. See, the file I’m trying to put on DVD is in 4:3 ratio (which should be good, right?), but as I spoke of above it goes full screen (and some extra space that blocks out subtitles). But that’s not the problem now. When I try to load the avi file I get this “File cannot be opened or Unsupported” crap. The file it suggest I load is the EXACT type of file I’m loading, I do not exactly know what I’m doing wrong at the moment.

well…1st…4:3 is full screen…16:9 is wide…2nd…if it’s not loading the file then it may be an unsupported video format…maybe divx…xvid…etc…avi can be encoded to many formats…U may have an older version of tmpgEnc that may not support it…I use canopus…for whatever I encode…just as easy an interface…TmpgEmc produces good results though…just keep trying and let us know what happens…

Ah, that explains it, lol. I’ve only started getting into DVD stuff over the past couple of months. But anyway, I tried the program you use and strangely it will not open the avi file. (It’s like 175 mbs. It’s DivX.) However, I got a Media converter that I used on it creating the avi files into mpeg2 files, it’s what I’m using for the TMPGEnc DVD Authoring program. (I use Digital Media Converter).

The current version I have of TMPGEnc that’s free, (can’t remember what number or whatever it had). I don’t really understand why it won’t accept any of my files. I’ve gone through a lot of programs and such, read guides, whatever, but it still stuns me as to why nothing will open the files. Though the DVD Authoring TMPGEnc works, it just stretches too much. I don’t know why it stretches when it should just fit full screen, but it really shouldn’t.

EDIT: I just learned something else. Just to make a check to see if it was the files I had or not, I opened another avi file into the TMPGEnc program and it WORKED. So, I guess I need to convert these files into something else? Right? The problem is with the files. =\

Try Dvd Flick…It’s free…Another is WinAvi Converter…it does a standup job…Also try Avi2Dvd with QuEnc…they work…They’re free also…If a few apps can’t convert this video file it could be corrupted…let us know your progress

Alright, well apparently it’s not DivX. It’s XVID. Does that propose a problem for my trying to upload the file into TMPGEnc?

it shouldn’t but to be safe…try the other apps i mentioned above and give them a try…see what comes of it…I’ve converted xvid’s w/ no issues but ya never know

Alright, well I decided to throw out TMPGEnc. Instead, I used my DVD Lab Pro 2 (I already had it, but couldn’t find a guide until today of how to make a basic DVD, lol), so I did all that crap and burned the DVD with the menu. Now, when I played it on my PS2 (this may be the problem), it ONCE again stretched out too much so you could barely read the subtitles. I then checked something else by playing it on my PowerDVD on my computer, it worked perfectly. So, is it my TV, PS2, or the actual disc? They’re all in 4:3 format, mpeg, and work.

were u using tmpgEnc or tmpg dvd author? It’s not your player…it’s being encoded wrong.If your using tmpg dvd author then your not encoding the movie at all…your just making the file compatible for dvd…not “encoding” it…using any of the above apps i mentioned will encode the file to vob’s then use tmpg dvd author or dvd lab…then you should be fine…My guess is its the aspect ratio of the file doesn’t go with your TV…has to redone to fit it correctly

Well, the first time I used tmpg dvd author and got the same results. Then today I used DVDLP2 and got the same results. However, I tried the QuEnc trying to encode the avi file, but I get this message.

Avisynth failure:
AVISource: couldn’t locate a decompressor for fourcc XVID
(C:/DOCUME~1/Owner/LOCALS~/Temp/TempAVS_Bleach1.avi_3552.avs, line 1)

It worked with a different avi file though. I don’t know what is up with my file.

i figured as much…that file is wonky…maybe try and find it somewhere else…sorry…I’ve had issues w/ xvid files myself…it’s definately not a new issue…

I’m not sure of the settings in tmpgEnc, but to get the aspect ratio set right, you can download VLC media player ( and then play your MPG file though VLC… while the vid. is playing, right-click on the video, and select “miscellaneous” -->Media Info …it SHOULD display the resolution of the MPEG… then you can plug that res. into tmpgEnc, and you should end up with the proper screen format for your TV…just be sure that you select 16:9 or 4:3 in the tmpgEnc software.
Dunno if that helps you out at all, but when im transcoding vids. i typically try to keep the res. exact, and that little method has helped me out quite a bit.

Then start reading the forum rules again. If you have not a trial version then you are a software pirate!


yeah…then we oughta just shut this place down since every time someone tries to ask a question…someone in here interprets them as an idiot or a pirate…so everyone should have the same learning curve and there would be no need for this forum

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