TMPGEnc DVD Authorer Help!

Hi I was trying to burn a DVD with this program and I did everything I need to like Output the file at the end and then I clicked Open Dvd Writing Tool and it gives me an error " DvdWriting.exe Application Error" is all I remember that was on it. Im pretty sure it didn’t say I was missing any files. Could anyone PLEASE help me?

Ok I remembered what it said
I click on the " Open DVD writing tool " or whatever after the output it finished and also when I click on Write DVD Folder to DVD R/RW it says this in a pop-up box

DVDWriter.exe - Application Error
( X ) The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000022). Click on OK to terminate the application.

Can anyone PLEASE PLEASE help me?

Be patient. Many members of this forum are at work now or even asleep as this is a very international forum.

You won’t win friends by cross posting and being impatient.

What version of DVD Author are you using, what O/S , what burner etc. You need to give much more info so people can help you.

You could try running the files thru DVD Shrink, creating an ISO image & burning that with ImgBurn or at least trying to burn it.