TMPGEnc dvd author versions 1.6 - 2 - 3 compatibility



I have several DVD Author version 1.6 project files and i dont think they are compatible with version 2.

Can anyone confirm this



I have TMPGEnc DVD Author 2 and a few projects created with a trial version of 1.6, and you are correct - unfortunately. :frowning:


thats a crapper…well they wont be gettin my money for version 2.
I have so many version 1.5 projects that i cant delete.
Some fool at TMPENC shoulda realised this


i just got an email from TMPENC.
What a ridiculous decision to create updated versions of the software that dont open the files created with the earlier release.
Its either greed or stupidity.


There could be other reasons why they are incompatible.

But you can run both versions at the same time, so you don’t lose 1.6 functionality.


I cant think of a reason why i would want to run both,but id like any suggestions.
I did try a trial of Version 2 a while back but all it did was screw up the 1.6 version so i had to uninstall 2. and reinstall 1.6.


I use to run both TDA ver 1.6 and 2 with no issue at all. Now I run 1.6 and 3. Any old ver 1.6 templates I have I still use with 1.6 but I have slowly migrated them to 3 manually.

By the way, the new TDA 3 will load the older ver 2 templates.