TMPGEnc DVD Author v1.5.20.62 audio sync

When I try to add 2 or more video titles to a new authored DVD the Audio sync drifts further and further out as each film progresses (they all start off fine). this only appears to be after about an hour or so for each film, I authored a dvd with 6 1hour titles and they all worked fine Can anybody out there help me. as I cant find any way to alter the settings of the software.
The software I’m using is TMPGEnc DVD Author v1.5.20.62
Thanx in advance Rod


AMD Athlon 2.0 Ghz
1Mb 333 Ram
ATI Radeon 7500
SB 1024 Player
IBM Deskstar 120 Gb
NTFS File sys
Windows XP SP 1

That sort of audio synce is not very common. Typically comes from converting AVI’s that are not at one of the 3 standard frame rates.

When I try to add 2 or more video titles… how did you make these and what was their source ? If AVI’s or Captured AVI’s then what does GSPOT have to say about their Video & Audio.

I have taken various sorts of video formats including original dvd vobs recreating ifo’s with ifo edit

Frame rates 25 fps Pal

If I master one of these films on its own using DVD Author it works fine and the audio sync is spot on (PC and stand alone). It’s only when I try to add another title to the new DVD that these problems arise.

I’ve checked the bit rate and these are well with in spec and Gspot states A/V delay is fine before authoring… However after authoring I’m geting about 120ms Audio drift…

The problem only seems to be when authoring a title in excess of 1hr

Yours Perplexed Rod

Hmm… I’m must admit I’m not a regular user of TMPGEnc DVD Author (TDA). I would suggest you have a look at using DVDLab (or DVD Maestro as I use ) for your authoring then, maybe there is a problem in the latest TDA.