TMPGEnc DVD Author Problem

Hi I am using divx to dvdr guide to convert avi files. but after dvd2svcd was done creating the file Encoded_Video_CCE_NTSC.mpv and encoded_audio_1.mp2 file. I checked the mpv file in media player and it plays fine and it show 2 hours 20 minutes. But when i load the mpv and mp2 file into
TMPGEnc it encodes the audio and video folder fine but when load into dvd shrink the movie length is only 1 hour 44 minutes. I don’t get any errors> i checked the folder created by tmpgenc it shows 1.44min as well but the original file mpv is 2:20 min long i don’t what do with this problem any suggestions what should i do thanks


Did you check the length of the audio(.mp2 file). Most likely it is 1.44. Then you know why your output is just that. Also you did not mention whether the movie is complete/incomp OR is the time code only screwed up.

Hope this helps.

Load the original avi in Virtualdub (or one of it’s mods). Click on file>file information and check to see what the actual video and audio info is. Compare this with your encoded results.