TMPGenc DVD Author, I want make KDVD menu with audio bitrate 128Kbps



I use TMPGenc DVD Author to make KDVDs, but the audio of the menu allways is LPCM and I want to compress it to MP1 L-2 or AC3 VS bitrate 128Kbps and aplicate marks to the menu as this picture:

Someone know how can I make this? DVDLabPRO can do it?
I’ve proved to import the menus of my ratDVD (from my KDVD) and put it into the original kdvd with Pgcedit. But this have audio 160Kbps and I want 128Kbps


Can you not encode your audio seperately to .MP2 or AC3 at 128 with a seperate encoder ( ) in TMPGenc DVD Author and add to your menus?

and Yes, DVD Lab/Pro can do it.


Also try the new TMPGEnc DVD Author PRO


Cant you open the .vob file that has the menu in it with VirtualDubMod and extract the LPCM WAV file. Then use tooLAME(gui) to encode to MPEG-2 audio at any bitrate you choose, then insert that audio and delete the old WAV audio.