TMPGenc DVD Author hack - Xvid


I hould like to know if it’s possible to author a DVD with XVid or Divx files, but without trancoding them, in other words,
my table dvd player reads divx and xvid, therefore I don’t need to convert any movies to vcd or svcd.
I just want to have menus, sub-menus, etc (author) without having to convert my movies. I use TMPGenc DVD Author, but I cant “ignore” the error message when I try to use a non standard file …

Thanks in advance,

It’s not possible with MPEG-4 files.

:frowning: Ok, thank you


You can of course just copy your DivX files to a dvd in Data mode, but the only menu that will work is the one your DVD/DIVX Player comes with as it reads the DVD.