TMPGEnc DVD Author Background music



Hi there,

I’ve making a DVD up from some video fiels I recorded. It all works perfectly.

However, I want to add some background music to the menu system on the DVD.

How do I do this?

I have a .wav file that I’d like to play but cant see where to add it.



Just found this thread on a search, and I am trying to do the same thing. Can anyone point me to a quick tutorial, or tell me how to add background music to a menu using TMPGEnc DVD Autho?


this guide on doom9 mentions that

Unlike the actual movies, menu video background can be multiplexed (.mpg files rather than an .m2v and an .mp2/.ac3). Menu background music is possible, but only in conjunction with video background - but you can easily create a video file having only one black frame and your desired menu background music as audio.

I’m not sure if the guide goes into detail about how to add video to the menu (or if you already know how), but I found that with a quick google…

here’s another search result

also this

this guide on afterdawn talks about how to create the motion menus necessary to have audio in the menu.

Google is your friend.


Thanks a lot. Im surprised that the “easy option” is not in there to simply add a bgm file, but at least this way, I know exactly what Im getting as other programs that I used always made the bmg choppy.

I was doing some google searches while waiting on a reply and found some similar results to yours. :wink:

Im now using TMPGEnc to encode the .wav file into the static .jpg and output as an .mpg.


all of that means nothing to me since I’ve never used tmpgenc. it’s amazing how some googling can make you soind like you know what you’re talking about haha.

i hope those links helped! :stuck_out_tongue: