TMPGenc DVD Author "Appointed folder structure cannot be used for dvd players"

I am trying to burn a dvd of Bourne Supremacy that I DLD’D . It is VOB IFO and BUP files. This is the error I get (TMPGenc)
“Appointed folder structure cannot be used for dvd players”

heres a look at the DVD files

THX guys, I googled on this for about an hour, and the closest to my answer I found was on this site, so here is where I decided to post it.

I am not sure if I posted in the right place, you guys have mad sections.


bump! Can anybody help me?
Howcome I get no responses overnight and people that posted 3 hours ago already have 5 response. Help me out guys.

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Try the Transcoding Section. I had a good look and google myself, I have TMPGEnc 3.0 and that error has never come up. Looking at the DVD files, I’m guessing its movie only, no special features. Ive never seen 16 Ifo’s and Bups just hanging out there like that. Usually you have the Movie Vob’s (4-5) 2 Ifo’s and 2 Bup’s. All I can think of is trying Nero to burn the Video TS to DVD-RW, and if that fails, extract the movie Vob’s only to a new folder and use Ifoedit (google it) to reauthor new Ifo’s to suit, and burn that to disc.

I could only suggest that you create a folder in the root of C called VIDEO_TS and copy all the files to there and try again. Not sure why this would matter though.

Each VOB file should have a corresponding IFO and BUP file. You have IFO and BUP files from VOBs that are no longer present. You could try getting these extra IFO and BUP files out of the folder as well. Again, not sure why it would matter.