TMPGenc dvd author 3


I downloaded the trial of TMPGenc dvd author 3 - very impressed but…

Say I have an AVI file which is 200mb, I can then add this file to my project but at the bottom of the screen the dvd size goes to nearly 1gb. Obviously this is because the avi file will be converted and the file size will increase… BUT is there a way to limit this size?

If I allow a program to auto convert a 200mb avi file into mpeg2, it will end up at about 900mb. Though what I usually do is restrict the output size and lose a bit of quality in order to get more on the dvd.

So is it possible to implement a conversion size limit?

(I usually use WINAVI to convert into mpeg2, and restrict the output size to 700mb, then add it to dvd author 1.5 - I can’t find a way to get this program to convert it into 700mb, seems to convert into best quality possible)



Just done a quick test, put 3 mpeg2 files into DVD AUTHOR 3, no menu and ETA was 2 hours :confused:

Put the same files into (the very agring) dvd author 1.5, again no menu and ETA - 12 minutes

Add fancy new features and more options, but loses the whole basis of a fast and effective dvd authoring program.

Think I’ll stick with 1.5 :clap: