TMPGEnc DVD Author 3 Help

I have TMPGEnc DVD Author 3 and I would like to do some basic DVD authoring, like adding a second audio track, and stuff like that. I just start to learn this program slowly, but can someone help me with the following:

I have two DVDs. The first one has better quality but has some weak parts as well, so I would like to cut those parts (well, easy) and replace them with some parts from the second DVD. I didn’t find yet how to do this with TMPGEnc, so if someone can help, that would be much appreciated!

You cannot “insert” video into your project via the editor. You would need to create separate videos and assemble them in a new project as multiple titles. Author isn’t really intended to be used in this way, for that you need a dedicated editor like Express. It can be done, it’s just not very easy or pretty.