TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6 menu problem

I hope this is the right place to post this. I am having problems getting the navigation menu to work right when I author discs in TMPGEnc 1.6. I have basically just taken one long MPEG2 and created 12 chapters. After I had the menu and submenus looking the way I wanted I just outputed it to a videots folder and burned it in Nero.

However, when I popped it in my DVD player the menu on the disc doesn’t work correctly. Some sub-menus don’t show up and some links don’t go to the right chapters, etc… How do I fix the links so they all work correctly? When I look at the menu tree on the left it seems like there should be more there than there is. Is there a way to preview the disc like how DVD Architect allows you to?

Any help would be appreciated with this.

This tool already comes with a big help guide. Have you ever used it? I would do.

I looked at the help guide but could find nothing about adjusting the navigation or previewing the DVD. All it would tell me about previewing the disc is that the tree on the left is my preview guide but didn’t tell me if I could do a full disc preview like you can with DVD Architect.

I just started from scratch and re-did the entire disc again and it seems to work fine now. I think it was just a glitch because I didn’t do anything different than I did the first time.

Thanks though…