TMPGEnc audio problems

OK, I have read the tutorials and have just a few questions.
When I use TMPGEnc to combine the mpgs into one for continuous play, there is no audio. What is the best software (free preferrably) to use to convert the audio to what I need? And then, do you combine the mpgs first and then convert the audio? I didnt see that addressed in the tutorials. If it was I apologize.

New to this stuff…getting better…just need some guidance



OK. I downloaded VirtualDub and a tutorial. So I think I might be able to do this. My only other question is: Will this program work if I have already converted the AVI to MPG? Or will I have to re-convert the files back to AVI? Is this possible…

Thanks again…you guys are awesome!


When you convert with TMPGEnc it leaves you with two separate files, video and audio. Did you try playing the file(s) before converting to dvd format?